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Anne E. Hoke
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Meet the legal staff at Anne Hoke Attorneys

Anne E. Hoke, Esq.

Anne Hoke Attorneys

Anne E. Hoke graduated from Vassar College in 1977. Before attending law school, she worked at the United States Department of Justice providing litigation assistance in government contract and federal personnel cases for the Commercial Litigation Branch of the Civil Division. There she drafted appellate briefs and supervised clerical contractor personnel. Later, Ms. Hoke directed litigation support for complex, environmental civil actions brought by the Land and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice. Her responsibilities included creating automated databases and assembling administrative records for the Land and Natural Resources Division. While employed by the Justice Department Ms. Hoke was awarded Outstanding Performance Ratings in 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and a special Achievement Award in 1982.

In 1989, Ms. Hoke resigned from the U.S. Department of Justice and started her employment with the highly
prestigious, 120-attorney law firm Weinberg & Green (now Saul Ewing, L.L.P.). There she provided litigation
support services for the Litigation Department assisting with all aspects of trial and hearing preparations and
the preparation and filing of motions and briefs. She also helped create automated databases and document
management procedures for complex securities cases.

Ms. Hoke matriculated at the University of Maryland School of Law's night program starting in the fall of 1990. While working full time, she completed the four year program in three years. She received her law degree in May of 1993 and was admitted to the bar in December of 1993. Before establishing her own law firm in July of 2003, Ms. Hoke worked as an associate at a Baltimore based, personal injury, law firm. Since 1993 she has represented clients in workers' compensation claims, personal injury cases, traffic and criminal district court cases, and EEOC and other miscellaneous matters in State and Federal courts throughout Maryland. Ms. Hoke has extensive, state wide, trial experience having tried over 200 jury trials (solo) all over Maryland.

She has four (4) published opinions:
- Harris v. Howard County Bd. of Ed., 825 A.2d 365, 375 Md. 21 (2003)
- Sealy Furniture of Md. v. Miller, 740 A.2d 594, 356 Md. 462 (1999)
- Stevens v. Rite Aid, 667 A.2d 642, 340 Md. 555 (1995)
- M.A. Chadderton v. Bongivonni, 647 A.2d 137, 101 Md. App. 472 (1994)

The decision in the case Harris v. Howard County Bd. Of Ed., supra was issued by Maryland's highest court, the
seven member Court of Appeals of Maryland. The Court's decision in that case was unanimous. In that decision
the Court of Appeals of Maryland reversed 75 years of case law. The ramifications of that decision continue, to
this day, to affect each and every individual covered by Maryland's workers' compensation statute.

In July of 2003 Ms. Hoke opened a solo law practice in Baltimore, MD. In just a few years that practice has grown
into a multi-state law firm. Today, several lawyers and support staff members work tirelessly representing clients
in a variety of cases pending in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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