Our History

In July of 2003 Anne E. Hoke opened a solo law practice in Baltimore, MD.  In just a few years that practice has grown into a multi-state law firm.  Today, several lawyers and support staff members work tirelessly representing clients in a variety of civil and criminal cases in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.


Our Team

Anne E. Hoke

Since 1993 Anne E. Hoke has represented clients in workers' compensation claims, personal injury cases, traffic and criminal district court cases, and EEOC and other miscellaneous matters in State and Federal courts throughout Maryland.  Ms. Hoke has extensive, state wide, trial experience having tried over 200 jury trials (solo) all over Maryland.

Steven J. Sturm

Steven J. Sturm has been involved in a wide range of litigation.  His practice has focused on workers’ compensation, personal injury and other general civil litigation.  Mr. Sturm has appeared before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission as well as most Circuit Courts throughout the State.  Mr. Sturm has experience in all aspects of administrative hearings, bench trials, jury trials and appellate proceedings. 

High Profile Winning Cases

Black & Decker v. Humbert

189 Md. App. 171, 984 A.2d 281 (2009)

Coles v. Commonwealth

44 Va. App. 599, 605 S.E.2d 784 (2004)

Harris v. Howard County Board of Education

825 A.2d 365, 375 Md. 21 (2003)*

Sealy Furniture of Md. v. Miller

740 A.2d 594, 356 Md. 462 (1999)

Stevens v. Rite Aid

667 A.2d 642, 340 Md. 555 (1995)

M.A. Chadderton v. Bongivonni

647 A.2d 137, 101 Md. App. 472 (1994)

*The decision in the case Harris v. Howard County Bd. Of Ed., supra was issued by Maryland's highest court, the seven-member Court of Appeals of Maryland. The Court's decision in that case was unanimous. In that decision the Court of Appeals of Maryland reversed 75 years of case law.

The ramifications of that decision continue, to this day, to affect each and every individual covered by Maryland's workers' compensation statute.

To learn more about this groundbreaking decision, you can read The Daily Record's reporting on the case by clicking clicking the button below.  

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