Frequently Asked Questions

Workers' Compensation

If you were injured on the job or as a result of someone else’s negligence, this page will help you understand your case and your rights.

Auto Accidents

If you were in an auto accident and are having trouble getting medical treatment, a car rental or your car repaired this page will help you understand your case and your rights.

Social Security Disability Benefits

When your work injury was caused by someone else or when you need to file for Social Security Disability benefits

Client Testimonials

"I had a workman's comp case in which I was hurt on the job. [...] and the insurance company denied me treatment and once they did that, I decided to call Anne [...and with her help] she made sure that I got the treatment that I needed. [...] They made me feel safe, they reassured me that my concern was going to be met. [...] They made me feel like I was [part of] a family. and in turn, I was happy with the outcome and the job that they did for me." - Dublin

"They cared a lot more than the other lawyers did. [...] While I was in the hospital getting treatment, I heard from them at least once or twice a week, [...] keeping me updated with everything. [...] They went the extra mile to find entra insurance policies to make sure that I got everything that I basically needed." - Charmaine

"[They] took very good care of my case because [they] helped me with medical treatment. [...] The lawyer explained everything about my accident so that I would be knowledgeable about what was going on. With the lawyers from Anne Hoke [Attorneys] I felt safe and I felt very good." - Valentin

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