Social Security Disability

When Your Work Injury Was Caused By Someone Else Or When You Need To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

Working together, we can make the Maryland laws work in your favor.  For the best results in your case, you should:

  • Keep all medical appointments.
  • Inform us when you have been discharged by your doctor.
  • Keep copies of all documents and promptly send us copies of all medical bills and disability slips (off of work slips).
  • If you call the office and no attorney is available, leave just one message, stating the reason for your call, along with your full name and telephone number.

*We also handle accidents & injuries that are not work related.*

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General Information


When You Cannot Do Your Job Anymore

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When You Need To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

*Additional medical records may need to be provided to the Social Security Administration. Since we handled your Workers’ Compensation claim and/or Third Party Case our office will most likely already have those records. This means you will not have to pay for the records again. We will request a reconsideration of your decision on your behalf, and provide the records we have to the Social Security Administration. We will work to obtain as many additional medical records as we can to further demonstrate your need for benefits. Our investigation may reveal medical conditions that we can add to your claim which may increase your chances of approval. So contact us right away.*

This page summarizes Maryland and Federal law generally and is not intended to be legal advice. For more information, contact one of the lawyers at Anne Hoke Attorneys so we can help you.


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