Workers’ Compensation

Have you been injured on the job?

Anne Hoke Attorneys represents injured workers from all over the country in workers’ compensation cases pending in Maryland and Virginia.  Our offices are located in the same building as the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Our attorneys have over 25 years combined legal experience and have represented thousands of injured workers.  We have recovered over $10 million in financial benefits for our clients.  Our attorneys have appeared statewide before every Maryland Commissioner, including the Chairman.  We attend hearings at all regional Workers’ Compensation sites throughout Maryland (Abingdon, Baltimore City, Beltsville, Cambridge, Frederick, Lavale and LaPlata) and in Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Manassas and Berryville).

We have extensive jury trial experience, and we handle appeals up to the highest court in Maryland and Virginia.  On appeal, our office advances the appeal expenses and fees.

We also have trained paralegals on staff to help you.  Several staff members speak Spanish fluently and assist our Spanish-speaking clients.  We have clients who speak many languages, including Albanian, Romanian, Tagalog, Portuguese, Urdu, Arabic, and French, and we arrange for translators for them for all their Workers’ Compensation hearings.

Our attorneys can help you obtain temporary total disability benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and permanency benefits.  Ms. Hoke won the landmark Maryland Court of Appeals case which re-wrote Maryland Workers’ Compensation law regarding accidental injuries. To learn more about that case, click here. 

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